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Soteria Family Welfare Association is a registered NGO. Our team is unique, dedicated and compassionate to serve and influence. We have put our resources, expertise and experience together to serve the organization. Though everyone serves a different role, each person is committed to caring and helping the needy in Mauritius through our children's feeding initiatives, community outreaches and feeding the homeless.

The Team

The list of members are as follows:

1. Guy Arekion (President)

2. James Arekion (Assistant President)

3. Yoana Bahadoor (Secretary)

4. Caroline Arekion (Assistant Secretary)

5. Christel Chan Yam Fong (Treasurer)

6. Didier Pochet (Assistant Treasurer)

7. Jean Bernard Bahadoor

8. Judex Latour

9. Colette Latour

10. Dominique Lee Kim Siong

11. Saroja Narayanasami

12. Anne Marie Sin Mew Cheung

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