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Sponsoring a student at Christian Family Church International Bible College in Mauritius is one of the most personal and meaningful ways that you can help, assist and support a committed Christian fulfil their God-Given Destiny and deepen their knowledge in the Word through revelation and impartation.

Our ministry have a mandate to recognize, develop, maximize and release potential.

Student sponsorship is a program that allows people who want to personally support and offer the opportunity to a Mauritian Christian receive the uncompromised word and to equip them to become effective in their society and church as they walk in the full authority of Jesus Christ.

What do sponsors receive when they sponsor a student?

Sponsors are sent a photograph and biography of the student they are sponsoring. You may also receive personal letters and testimonies from your student during the year.
You will be invited to their graduation where you can share in the celebration of their accomplishment.

What commitment do sponsors make?

Sponsors agree to support their student for one year by making financial contributions and regularly praying for the student. Sponsors are given an opportunity to recommit or discontinue their sponsorship each year.
Sponsors may contribute either monthly or finance the whole year course toward their tuition.

The Bible College is a three year program

Year 1 – To cultivate intimacy with God through a personal relationship.
Year 2 – Fanning into flame the gifts given to you.
Year 3 – Impartation to Sons.

How do I sponsor a student?

The fees for a student for a one year course entitled "To cultivate intimacy with God through a personal relationship" are as follows:

Registration fee: Rs. 600 (non-refundable)

Monthly fees: Rs 500 per month for 11 months

This fee excludes exams fees: Rs. 200

Note that all CFC Bible College booklets are included in monthly fees.

For a student sponsorship, contact us.

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