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1.  Christian Family Church Bible College

Christian Family Church Bible College (CFCBC) is one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing Bible Colleges in South Africa today. CFC has run many different, informal training curriculums since 1984 and has now embarked on a three-year training program, in order to facilitate the training of individuals for their ministry. The focus is to establish a 1000 Bible Colleges all over the world to teach the Word as taught by Pastors Theo and Beverley Wolmarans.

1.1 Mission of CFCI Bible College

"You have heard me teach many things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Teach these great truths to trustworthy people who are able to pass them on to others." 2 Tim 2:2

1.2 Apostolic Vision

Ps Theo's vision and indeed the vision of this ministry is to establish Bible Colleges around the world, focusing (initially) on Africa and the United States

Program Design

Christian Family Church International, Mauritius runs the following Foundational / Pre Qualification Courses:

1. Christian Growth Seminar

This course covers the major truths that will lay a strong foundation for, both young & old born again believers. Some of the subjects covered on the course are; righteousness, water baptism, having a spiritual home, praise and worship, and the Holy Spirit.

2. Biblical Foundational for Life

On this course one builds on the foundation previously laid on Christian Growth, expanding your understanding covering topics like; The Godhead, The ministry of the Holy Spirit, The Ministry of Angels, The integrity of God's Word, Faith and how it works, Divine Healing and Prosperity and much more.

Bible College Program Design

Each Bible School year has been allocated a specific theme. All the modules within the year relate directly to that theme.

Year 1 – To cultivate intimacy with God through a personal relationship.
Year 2 – Fanning into flame the gifts given to you.
Year 3 – Impartation to Sons.

Part-time Bible School (PTBS) - (1 Evening per week)

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