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Principles of leadership

The greatest leader, Jesus, taught His disciples that leadership is to serve (Matt.20: 25-28). Leadership is not a title, position or a designation. 

Leadership lead to change that translate into "social betterment". 

Good leader make things better.

Leaders focus on "changing" environment, people and society. 

Good leader brings progress.

Outstanding leaders set people free - They NEVER imprison people!

                                                           They NEVER oppress people!

Leadership that is based on moral values does not operate to dominate, intimidate or manipulate people.

Leaders are servant of humanity. They have a vision and wants to see improvement in people's life and society. They talk and do! 

They are strong enough to pursue the goal and objective and they committed irrespective of the danger, rejection and negative opinions and obstacles against them. 

Leaders don't wait or procrastinate...they act and persevere. They are thinkers, planners and doers. Leaders make things happen!

A leader understand that he can't do it alone. The build people and teams to fulfill the task. They understand that teamwork makes dreamwork. They possess the quality that inspire and motivates others. They are passionate people. 

Leaders don't pursue power but they empower others.

Leaders are mentors - They develop people not just programs. Jesus built people. He believed in God and in people. 

A wise leader will always seek to invest in himself for personal growth. He never stops learning or thinking or even educating himself. 

Leaders don't pursue power but they empower others...

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