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Head Pastor, Author, Songwriter, Producer, Dean of Bible School, Ps James Arekion (B.Min, M.Min) is an anointed and dynamic teacher of the Word of God, he communicates in personal and practical way, he begun teaching at the age of 16.  His messages are straight-forward, fundamental, simple and yet effectively encouraging people through life situations and empowering them to succeed in every area of life.

Joyce Meyer is an American author and one of the world's most important Bible practitioners. She has written over 70 books on practical Christianity and how to overcome emotional battles. She has also earned a PhD in theology from the Life Christian University in Tampa, Florida. Her speaking and writing style is practical, down to earth, and filled with humor.

Derek Prince Ministries persists in reaching out to believers in over 140 countries with Derek's teachings, fulfilling the mandate to keep on "until Jesus returns."  Derek’s main gift of explaining the Bible and its teaching in a clear and simple way has helped build a foundation of faith in millions of lives.   He is the author of over 50 books, 600 audio and 100 video teachings, many of which have been translated and published in more than 100 languages.

International Evangelist Perry Stone, a fourth generation minister of the gospel, directs one of America’s fastest growing ministries - Voice of Evangelism.  Perry, now in his fifties, began preaching when he was just sixteen.  At a young age, Perry was invited to speak at Camp Meetings and conferences, some with as many as 4000-5000 in attendance.  Presently, Perry continues to conduct both domestic and international crusades, reaching thousands of people annually.  Throughout his more than thirty-two years of full time ministry, Perry has authored over forty books and booklets; produced over one-hundred videos and DVD’s; as well as produced hundreds of audio teaching albums series.

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