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“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one.”

Genesis 2:24 [NIV]


Marriage is a holy covenant between two persons in the presence of God. Getting married is one of the most serious decisions we make in life. As well as being a big commitment, it has an impact on family, friends and the whole of society.

At Christian Family Church International Mauritius, we believe that God designed the marriage relationship to be a lifelong covenant relationship between a man and a woman.  He knows best how to build a marriage that will last a lifetime. We value the Word of God and what it tells us about marriage. To experience joy and fulfillment in our marriage, we need to adhere to the basic principles of marriage that the Bible outlines.

We value the spiritual lives of the couples we marry.

2 Corinthians 6:14 discusses this principle. “Do not be unequally yoked to unbelievers”. That is why we strongly discourage marriage between people who do not share the same faith in Jesus Christ. We feel it is important that both future spouses have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and are serious about following him in their daily lives.

Please note that we only marry couples who are members of our church or those who regularly attend our services.

A wedding is one of the most important day in a person's life and we want to make sure your special event at our church is wonderful as possible. No family should go into debt over an extravagant wedding not in keeping with their daily life style.

The following are our wedding guidelines to help plan for your special day:

The Minister?

The ceremony of marriage in our church are performed by our ministers. Meeting with the pastor will be required. It is your responsibility to schedule your first appointment with the pastor about four to six months before your wedding. Our pastor will meet with you to talk about your marriage and to help you plan the ceremony.
Once a pastor has been confirmed, he will reach out to you and talk about the wedding. Please provide him the order of service and information that applies to him.
Our pastors reserves the right to refuse to marry those he feels are not ready to take such a serious step.

Pre-Marital Course?

Everyone desiring to be married at Christian Family Church International Mauritius by our pastors must complete (as a couple) the required pre-marital course "TWO become ONE" offered at our church.  These courses are meant to help you in creating a strong foundation for a healthy marriage.

The aim of the "Two become One" marriage course is to allow couples to consider what can be done to ensure that their marriage covenant grows and develop into a strong, loving and lifelong relationship.

This course is free for members of our church.
It is only upon completion of this course, that we will allow them to be married by our minister.

Civil Status Office?

Marriage in our church is both a sacred and a legal act. The Mauritius Government requires that a couple obtain their marriage license from the civil status office. Our ministers require that you bring your marriage license with you on the day of your wedding rehearsal. It is illegal for the minister pretend to do a wedding. He/she must have a license in hand the day of the wedding. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Music for Your Wedding ?

All music for your wedding is under the direction of our church's Director of Music and choir. They will help you arrange for suitable music. They will also be open to your suggestions, but please know that we have many years of experience and have done many weddings and knows what works and what does not in our church.
When selecting the music for your wedding, please remember that this is a service of worship. Only music that is suitable for a worship service may be used. Contemporary Christian, hymns and classical instrumental music are acceptable.
Pre-recorded instrumental or vocal tracks may also be used in your wedding.

Flowers and decorations?

All florists offering their services to our Church members must abide to our principles and procedures. You are invited to bring flowers, ribbons, etc for decorating the sanctuary. Please make sure the florist has made arrangements with the church staff for flower delivery and set-up. Decorating the church is the responsibility of the wedding organizers and not the church.
Plants, greenery and other furnishings within the church facilities must not be moved in order to use them as decoration for weddings. Furnishings will remain as they appear in the sanctuary setting. It is the responsibility of the couple to see this is accomplished at least two weeks prior to the wedding.
We ask that all decorations be removed once the ceremony has ended.

Photography and Videography?

All photographers and videographers offering their services to our Church members must abide to our principles and procedures. Please ask your photographer or videographer to check with the pastor about the church’s guidelines. Our simple request is that they do not distract from the ceremony in any way. The photographer and videographer are allowed to move throughout the wedding area for the entire ceremony. The photographer may take as many pictures before the ceremony as needed.
All policies and restrictions that apply to the photographer and videographer also apply to any friend or member of the family who may be planning to use his or her own personal camera for taking pictures of the wedding. We ask the photographers and videographers to be as unobtrusive as possible.
Thank you for considering our church for your wedding. If we can answer any questions or further help you in planning your special event, don't hesitate to contact us.

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