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Leading by example

I wrote and taught a course entitled the ABCs of leadership. 

It is based on biblical discipline to progress life on 3 levels:

Spiritual empowerment - Relational empowerment - Financial empowerment.


A is for attitude. B is for boldness. C is to connect and commit.


The difference between a leader and a follower is attitude. 

Your attitude will determine your altitude (John Maxwell). 

Leadership determines everything! 

"As a man think in his heart so is he." - Ecclesiastes 10:2. Leaders think differently!

Your attitude can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It can draw or repel people.


The lion is the king of the jungle because of its attitude. When a lion sees an elephant, it does not operate in fear. Although the elephant is bigger, larger, taller and probably stronger, yet when the lion sees the elephant it disregards all this and thinks "food"! "I can eat this thing!"

The elephant, on the other hand, who is  bigger, larger, taller and probably stronger, when it sees the lion it thinks "Oh oh, the lion is going to eat me!" Both are controlled by the way they think!

The lion think I am the king of the jungle and act like a victor while the elephant thinks and act like a victim.

The lion is not the smartest, quickest, tallest or largest animal yet it still thinks like a king!

A good leader does not look at size, strength and limitation. You may not be the smartest, quickest, tallest or largest person but if you stop making excuses and learn to possess a positive attitude, then you can excel in leadership.


People don't follow title, they follow bold and courageous leaders. 

Distraction and procrastination must become our enemies. Leaders are focus and they are bold. 

The direction of your life depends on the focus of your attention. 

Learn how to handle uncertainties and be decisive - Be bold to do the right thing at the right time!

Strong leaders oozes confidence. They refuse to quit. When they fall, they get up and go again.

They are not afraid of being challenged. This confidence inspire others. 

A courageous leader has faith in God and in people. They are willing to go the extra mile. They are not worried about popularity. 

They do the right thing after much thoughts, vision, strategic planning and preparation for corresponding action.

If the leader makes a mistake, he/she assumes the responsibility and has the courage to rectify it without blaming anyone else.

Connect and commit

Great leaders of the bible, throughout history and of our modern society are those who connected with people.

They not only communicate but they connect with people.  They can relate to and identify with people. 

Good leaders value relationship. They are good listeners. They are attentive. They allow others to express themselves. 

In many cases the people they led were demoralized and discouraged or living in despair, yet they had the wisdom of connecting with these people, influencing them to work in unity to change the status quo and to destroy the obstacles and solve the problems.

Great leaders are great connectors. They value others. They are sincere. They care!

They go to the level of others and raise them up to the next level in life. Connecting requires energy.

Great leaders find common ground and then take people to higher grounds.

Leader not only connect but they are committed. They stay faithful until the task is completed.

Great leaders are not only dreamers but achievers!

Be committed to the work at hand and the promises you made.

Great leaders are great connectors. They value others. They are sincere. They care!

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