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Leadership is not a title or position but the ability to serve others and lead with examples.

Jesus declared that leadership is servant-hood.

It holds responsibility and accountability. It is the gift to influence others.

It is the ability to lead and guide others to a common purpose, goal and objective.


The qualities of a leader is to have vision (creative mind and innovation), inspiration, motivation, courage and commitment.

A leader possess the ability to see further. They are forward thinkers. Vision provides direction and sets the priorities in order to be an achiever. A leader possess the qualities to inspire and motivate others that helps them achieve that vision.

Principles of Leadership

Leadership is to serve. Leadership determines everything.

Leading by example

'Power' : ability to obtain results...in life and ministry.

Difference of leadership

Four layers of positioning.
God builds everything by His Word.

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Leadership courses, Life-skill courses and Money management courses.

These courses are designed to progress life on three levels: 

Spiritual empowerment, Relational empowerment and Financial empowerment.

It holds the characteristic of Biblical disciplines for success and prosperity. It includes building and bonding relationship. It will produce self – respect and the respect to others. 

It helps to deal with different demands and challenges of everyday life. It helps to cultivate and develop a spirit of leadership with responsibility and accountability. 

It is the required information and training tools to enhance knowledge and to bring successful changes in life and society when corresponding implementation and actions are taken.

All courses are endorsed by Transworld Accrediting Commission International (USA).

“Success is a journey, not a destination…”

James Arekion holds a Major in Christian Counseling, Master in Christian Leadership, Doctorate in Ministry, Doctorate in Theology and an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity.

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