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This Study Center includes Study Notes and Articles from James Arekion.

These notes and articles are a great way to dig a little deeper into the Word and also help you maintain a strong walk with God.
They will encourage and uplift you.

Notes and Articles

Psalms 91 has been a constant source of comfort for countless believers to cope with the challenges of life. The words reveal God as the Protector of those who trust in Him. 

The secret place is an intimate place of personal relationship and communion with God.


When God opens door, no man or devil can shut. This demonstrate the sovereignty of God!
It's a spiritual door granting us access to a new level, new dimension, promotion, increase...

You cannot walk on the devil with your natural feet...he is a spiritual enemy. 
You walk over the devil with the words of your mouth!
The spirit world operates through words!
Your words are keys to operate the spirit realm.

Strife can be avoided!
Abraham, our father of faith, AVOIDED strife with Lot his nephew - Gen. 13:7-10
He was willing to give up something just for peace.
Separate yourself from people who causes strife.

Satan was originally an angel - an anointed cherub .

He is a creature and not a creator. He was Lucifer meaning star of the morning but when iniquity was found in him, he was kicked out of heaven and brought the fall of a third of the angels and he became Satan, the prince of darkness.

He was a created being and has limitations.


Paul and Silas was on the way to pray and was confronted by a woman demon-possessed with a spirit of python.

Prayer is communion and communication with God. This communion maintain the life of God in us. The spirit of Python is after breath. Breath in the bible refers to the life of God ...

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