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I am  James Arekion... Connect with me TODAY! 

Leadership that is based on moral values does not operate to dominate, intimidate or manipulate people. Leaders are servant of humanity. They have a vision and wants to see improvement in people's life and society. They talk and do! 

“Success is a journey, not a destination…”

New Church Building in PORT LOUIS

We are excited to announce that our home church currently situated at United Docks, Port Louis will be moving in January 2019 to its new location in La Poudriere Street, Port Louis.

This building will be our new ministry center with an excellent auditorium on ground floor, a bible college on upper floor together with children and youth facilities and offices. It also has 35 parking.

We are thankful to God for this miracle!
Works have already begun and we aim to finish by the end of the year. 

We are trusting God for Rs.1 million for refurbishment.

The opening is scheduled for January 2019.

We are trusting God for Rs.1 million for refurbishments - SOW IN OUR VISION



Leadership is not a title or position but the ability to serve others and lead with examples.       

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Our mission is simple...to reach people, build lives and turn dreams into reality.

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Mauritius is our Eden Island.

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Every Child needs a chance. Children has potential, gifts and talents. We are passionate about helping others live the life of their dreams. 

We are a registered association that supports and donate to children in need in Mauritius and Rodrigues Island.

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We provide counselling for premarital, marriage, family and divorce after care.
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The Ministry

Christian Family Church MAURITIUS

Our mission is simple...to reach people, build lives and turn dreams into reality.

  Matthew 22:37

To bring people into the family of Jesus Christ, developing them into Christian maturity and equipping them for the ministry in the church in order to magnify God’s name.

Matthew 28:19

It is the vision of Christian Family Church International, Mauritius to win the Mascarene Islands of the Indian Ocean for Jesus. This would be achieved through the growing of the church in Mauritius, opening the planting of new churches around Mauritius and on other Islands and through the training up of preachers, teachers and workers in the bible college to support the ministry. Growth happens on four levels:

Personal (Christian Growth), Community (Lifegroups), Congregational (Church), Global (Bible College).


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This ministry is abounding with growth right now. YOU have the unique opportunity to participate in the exciting, mighty harvest of souls taking place around the world.

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